At City Church we love families and children and believe they are incredibly important to God and to the world..So programs are not the goal. Equipping kids to love Jesus and become disciples who make disciples in all of life is the goal. We see that parents will have the greater impact on their child’s discipleship than any program or event. This is why City Church partners with parents. We value all the environments our kids live in (home life, school,community,and church) and see them as essential to the growth of a child.

The home is the first environment where kids will learn the Gospel and the affection of God the Father and their identity as children of God.  This is done through parents/guardians modeling their own gospel formed Identity to their kids and inviting them into worshiping Jesus through regular rhythms of life. We believe that kids learn to live out their Identities in their home and Gospel centered community.  Kids will learn that real community is essential, beautiful and requires hard work.

Sunday Gatherings

Kids Ministry focuses on age-appropriate learning environments set in a classroom setting for Sunday Gatherings.  Each classroom is paired with a phase of development and geared towards learning the story of God.  We believe that Sunday helps form our kids who will receive the good news of Jesus each week.  We see that our teachers in classrooms teach not just for knowledge but for heart transformation.



We use a check in system through planning center that provides a matching safety code for you and your kids.  Check in begins 10 minutes before the gathering and closes about 15 minutes after the gathering begins. If you are new to City Kids, please arrive a few minutes early as it will take about 5 minutes to add your family to the system.  You will need to set up your own contact information first before adding kids which allows us to contact you during the gathering if needed. We will provide a  City Church Family member to help you with the check in process. 

Kids Curriculum

Sunday Gatherings focus on teaching the story of God to kids by diving into the Bible.  We use Gospel centered curriculum for each classroom. Lessons focus on the following:

  • Bible story and its main point

  • Big picture question and answer from the story and key memory passage.

  • We encourage families to engage in their kids learning by using the resources given to them each week to do family devotionals/talking points. We offer resources an apps that will allow you and your kids to engage with the lesson we teach the children.